Sunday, April 13, 2014


For a few days now we have been doing a backyard clean up.  We have been working slowly so I don't get overworked.  We had to pull weeds, cut down vines and sweep up leaves and stuff.  We sectioned off the backyard and each day we are working on a section.  So far the yard looks great.

The pond has so many baby fancy goldfish.  There are at least 12 babies of various ages swimming around.  They are also of various colors.  We have black fish, white ones and multi-colored ones.  I love watching them swim around.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, April 12, 2014


I have been having days of migraines. Not too much fun.

Until tomorrow. ..

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I went to the podiatrist today. She looked at my foot and sent me for x-rays.  The x-rays came back clear but she said that stress fractures don't normally show up on x-rays. I will be wearing a boot for 3-6 weeks.  She was going to give me a new boot but I already have a collection of them, I can use an old one. I came home and cleaned up an old boot so it will be ready to wear tomorrow. 

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Over a month ago I sent an appeal to The-Insurance-Company-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named for a physical therapy bill I received.  For those of you who don't read all of the time or don't remember, I went to three physical therapy appointments under the impression that my physical therapy place was covered under the Affordable Care Act.  The physical therapy place told me I would be covered.  After the third appointment they tell me "Oops, you are not covered, we were wrong.  You are going to have to pay for the appointments."  The-Insurance-Company-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named sent me a check for $25.00 reimbursement for each appointment that originally cost $250.00.  The physical therapy place gave me a slight cut rate for the appointments so I now owed them a total of $231.00.  But I was really angry because I should have been paying a copay of $40.00 for each appointment. So I called The-Insurance-Company-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and they told me I should appeal.   I did on March 3rd.

I had not heard anything and today I was going to call to find out what was happening with my appeal. In today's mail there was a check for $149.00.  The-Insurance-Company-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named also sent the physical therapy place some money.  I am now happy.  I can pay the $231.00 bill. 

Also in medical news, I called my doctor about my sore foot.  My left foot has been bothering me since our vacation.  I am not sure if it is from the bad massage or from banging it on something or just from walking.  My primary told me to see my podiatrist.  She can see me in the morning.  My primary said I am too complicated!  Well, he said my left ankle/foot is too complicated.  That is the ankle that I tore my ligament and walked on it for a year prior to it being found that I tore the ligament and had surgery.  More news on this tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Today I read a fellow bloggers post "Taking a Vacation from my Vacation".  It made me think about my recent vacation.  The two days after my vacation I spent my time on the couch recovering from the trip or from the day in the sun or from whatever.  For years I have felt like I needed time off after taking a vacation.

For me I am not sure if it is the traveling or the sleeplessness or the germs on the planes or what.  I know that too much sun makes me feel sick despite what the doctor's say.  I also know that I tend to sleep less when I travel due to the stress of making the flight, getting the dogs and bird to their sitters, locking up the house, making sure everything is packed, etc. ( I once left my passport at home when going on an international flight.  It was pre-9/11 so I was able to go on the flight but I had to have my passport sent to me to get back into the USA.  Since then I have been a little neurotic about forgetting the essentials.)  I am sure there are millions of germs on planes that are attacking my compromised immune system body and that probably makes me tired.  I have a vision in my head of a doll being attacked by millions of these sperm looking germs and the doll getting sicker and sicker.  Weird I know.

I don't know what it is that makes travel so hard.  I just know that I have learned to not plan anything important for the two days after a vacation.  I also know that if I do plan something, I may not be able to attend because I may be on the couch instead.  Watching a good movie and resting.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, April 7, 2014


Finally the vacation post. We went to Palm Springs for a week. It was an interesting week. Usually the weather during this time of the year is mid eighties and sunny. Last week it was in the seventies, windy and the sand was flying all around. I left my jacket at home and for the first time I was sad I did. I was freezing most of the time. Yes, I know that 70 is not chilly but at night the wind kicked up and the desert gets quite cold. I barely wore my sleeveless shirts and shorts.

Enough about the weather. We dealt with it. The hardest thing to do was ride the bikes in the wind. We just rode earlier in the day. We tried to ride every day. 

Our view was beautiful. Yes that is snow on the mountains.

Here is the view from our balcony. Hole number 14.

We went to the Palm Springs Follies.

We also saw the giant Marilyn Monroe statue. She was being dismantled and shipped to New Jersey.

We drove to Borrego Springs to see the 130 metal sculptures located in the desert. It was very cool to see the sculptures coming out of the middle of nowhere.

We went to two street fairs, two massages, lots of bike rides and ate lots of good food.

We also saw this awesome "B" on the side of a mountain. Seemed a but random but kinda cool.

It was a great time and now we are home. 

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, April 6, 2014


I am so happy that today I felt better. I got a really good nights sleep. I slept late. I lounged around until I went to buy dog and people food. I met up with our neighbor who took our garbage out. He gave me back our keys and I gave him some prickly pear honey from Southern California.  I walked the dogs and then I pretty much watched TV the rest of the day.  

Since I am going to be home a lot these days, I made a list of things to do and bought food to make for lunch at home.

Until tomorrow...